Our Story

As best friends go, a good dog is tough to beat — like Blue, mascot of Roaming Dog Wines and official squirrel chaser of the vineyard. Seems like just the other day a couple of the field hands spied this scruffy old hound traipsing among the vines, with his tail on high-wag and an expression that said, “I’m home.” And indeed, he’s had the run of the place ever since.

So when we needed a name for our wine, Roaming Dog just seemed to fit. Like Blue, Roaming Dog Wines are the perfect companion, whether it’s a weekend brunch, your next tailgater, or simply chilling after a long day. Crafted exclusively with grapes from Washington's panoramic Columbia Valley AVA, they’re easy going with just the right notes of fruit and oak.

If you’re ever out our way, please say howdy to Blue. He’ll be the one with the thumping tail and wagging tongue — a tongue we’re pretty sure knows the difference between a Cab and a Merlot.


The Columbia Valley is home to the most storied AVA’s in Washington state, including Red Mountain and Horse Heaven Hills. Predominantly south-facing, Washington’s largest viticultural region couples warm sun, gentle breezes, and a diversity of soil types that are well drained and ideal for growing grapes, to produce wines that are fruit-forward, yet retain some of the structure of European varietals.

Lying squarely in the rain shadow of the Cascades, Columbia Valley receives a mere 6-8 inches of annual rainfall. Irrigation is therefore required, affording us a large amount of control over grape development, an intensity of the fruit, and further helping to minimize variation between vintages.

Generally speaking, wines from this region are characterized by an even balance between bright fruit character and the classic, crisp acidity for which Washington is known.



As many a canine-lover can attest, dogs can be pretty good judges of human character. So, it’s no surprise that Blue has taken quite a shine to two of our best — Vineyard Manager Gianfranco Farimbella and Consulting Winemaker Joshua Maloney.



Vineyard Manager

With over 26 years of dedication to producing exceptional grapes, Will Beightol brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the wine industry. Growing up in Washington State's grape country on a family orchard and farm, Will began his career by planting vines, giving him a unique perspective on the process from the ground up.



Consulting Winemaker

“Since the early 90’s, I have spent more than 40,000 hours learning and refining my approach to winemaking. And, while I freely admit we aren’t plugging the ozone layer, I do believe what we do — making wine — makes the world a more joyful place.”